Common Home Electrical Questions & Answers

Common Home Electrical Questions & Answers

  • How do I set a circuit breaker?

Inspect the circuit breaker panel to determine if any of the breakers are tripped (open).

If a breaker is tripped, open it all the way, then re-close it.

If none of the breakers in the panels are tripped, or resetting does not restore power, call Sol-Up Electric for your repairs: (702)586-9800.


  • What is AFCI and where is it needed?

An arc-fault current-interrupter (AFCI) is designed to shut down a circuit once it detects an arcing situation in the circuit. It distinguishes between a normal arc such as a light switch, a cord being unplugged, and appliances being shut off verses a loose contact that is arcing and is going to cause any hazards or problems. And AFCI detects hidden wiring problems in your home that you may not even be a ware of. It is needed in every bedroom to satisfy current national and local codes.


  • Why are my switch and receptacle plates discolored?

If the wall outlet appears discolored, this is a major warning sign. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, a discolored wall outlet can be caused by “arcing, smoldering, burning happening behind your outlet”. You should never attempt to use this outlet. Please contact a qualified electrician and have them examine the outlet.


  • Where do I need to install my smoke detectors and fire alarms?

The NFPA’s guidelines require smoke alarms on every level of a home, including the basement, but excluding crawl spaces or uninhabitable attic spaces. Install a smoke alarm outside every sleeping area. So if you have a two-story home with bedrooms upstairs and none downstairs, there must be a smoke alarm outside each bedroom, and one downstairs near a common living area (kitchen or living room).



If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at (702)586-9800.



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